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An easy way to protect your back

By Ron Kaspriske

instruction-protect-your-back.jpgOne of the biggest causes of lower-back pain, particularly on the right side of a right-handed golfer’s body, is excessive rotational force placed on the spine. Many amateurs compound the problem by having limited hip mobility. When the hips can’t rotate properly, the lower part of the spine is torqued more severely. Essentially the lower back is providing the rotation in the swing that would normally come from the hip joint and the mid-back vertebrae (thoracic spine). One quick way alleviate some of the torsion on the spine and save your back is to flare your left foot (right foot for left-handed players) when you address a ball and swing, says Golf Digest Fitness Advisor Ralph Simpson (@mostpt). This will slightly decrease the rotational force on the spine. If your hips are super tight, flare both feet, Simpson says. As an added bonus, this can also increase the length of your swing offering you a chance at more distance.

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Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

(Illustration by Chris Gash)