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We can all learn a thing or two from Gary Player

By Keely Levins

By Keely Levins

loop-gary-player-dvd-set-300.jpgGary Player's new DVD set -- Gary Player: A Game for Life Instruction Series -- aims to help you improve your golf game. It's secondary purpose, however, is to essentially shame you into working out more given that the 78-year-old Player remains more fit than the vast majority of golfers playing the game at any age.

The box set ($100, targets three different areas: sand play, scoring (which covers short game and putting) and life (covering diet and fitness). A concept repeated throughout the series is "turn three shots into two." Often, the best way to do this is with your short game. Working off the stat that 70 to 75 percent of shots in golf are from 100 yards and in, Player spends extended time on different shots you need in and around the green.

He's not overly technical with his instruction ideas, and effective follows his explanations up with how to apply his thoughts and techniques to the average golfer's game.