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The coolest new items for sale in the Masters merchandise shop

By Geoff Shackelford

By Geoff Shackelford

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Some Masters patrons tour the golf course to see what's changed. I go to the merchandise center to see what's new.

While there appears to be plenty of intriguing new merchandise items, including a commemorative Ike's Tree coin that Patrick Reed said he purchased, the standout new items continue the vintage theme: rustic Augusta National signage.

loop-masters-signs-vintage-518.jpgLooking like something Martha Stewart designed for a Nantucket mancave, the club is offering five options for the weathered wooden signage: a past champions list, the club logo on its own, and three signs emphasizing Augusta with the logo.

The cool factor is off the charts if you're looking to liven up a home office or game room. But the price? Well, it'll take the pocketbook of someone with a mancave on Nantucket.

The main signs are $95 dollars, but the cut-out of the logo is a knee-buckling $185.