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New wedges from little-known KZG deserve attention

By E. Michael Johnson

By E. Michael Johnson

loop-kzg-wedge-300.jpgWhen you think of wedges, the mind often goes to Titleist's Vokey models, clubs from Cleveland Golf or one of the other major manufacturers. Conversely, KZG might not be on your radar, although perhaps it should be given the respect it has among clubmakers.

The company recently introduced its XRS wedges -- a line that encompasses six lofts (50 to 60 degrees in 2-degree increments) with multiple bounce options in the 56- and 60-degree models.

The clubs ($119 each) are heat-treated to provide a soft feel, and the face has a micro-milling pattern to give it additional surface roughness for more spin. The C-grind sole features relief on the heel and toe for enhanced workability around the greens. And when you think of wedges, aren't shots around the green what really pop into your head?