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Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday: Sleep better, play better

By Ron Kaspriske

maar04-ron-kaspriske-sleep.jpgDo you know if working out right before bedtime is a good idea? Or how long a nap should be? If you snore, does that mean you have a chronic sleep disorder? And do you know why you sometimes wake up groggy even after getting eight hours of rest? Because most of us do it every day of our lives, sleep health is often ignored or taken for granted. But golfers might want to rethink the importance of quality sleep. A recent study indicated better sack time can lower your handicap significantly. Imagine going from a 14 to single digits just by getting better sleep. For the May issue of @golfdigestmag, I wrote an FAQ on everything golfers need to know about sleep. If you want the answer to any of the above questions and more information on how sleep improves your golf scores, click on this link:
Will more sack time lower your handicap?

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.

(Illustration by Peter Arkle)