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How many calories are burned walking instead of riding

By Ron Kaspriske

fitness-hamburger-calories.jpgFrom time to time the question comes to us at Golf Digest about how much more beneficial is it to walk when playing golf versus riding in a golf cart. The answer: How about more than TWICE as beneficial. At least that’s true in terms of calories burned during the round. A study done by Reebok showed that golfers who walk and carry burn approximately 55 percent more calories than those who ride in a cart.

The amount of calories varies by distance walked and also the metabolic rate of the golfer. But fitness experts estimate you’ll burn roughly 1,500 calories during a four-hour round. That’s 825 calories more--or roughly a Burger King Whopper and some onion rings--than if you ride in a cart.

Interestingly, in most studies, it was only slightly more beneficial to carry your clubs vs. walking with a pushcart. So if you’re worried about your back, you don’t have to sling your clubs to get a good workout.

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(Photo: Tim Hawley/Getty Images)