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Caution: Looking directly at Lee Westwood's shirt may cause permanent retina damage

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Lee Westwood is wearing an extremely bright shirt on Friday at the Masters. Put on your sunglasses and take a look.

This is the second straight day he's worn a shirt that could potentially make people dizzy. On Thursday, he opted for a radioactive waste-themed outfit. Notice the reflection on his neck.

Here's a picture of him glowing from far away.

This hazardous trend seemed to start at the 2013 British Open, when he showed up on Thursday wearing a similar shirt (and matching shades).

It calmed down a bit before picking back up at Bay Hill this year (our working theory is that he was excited for the year's first major).

If you're planning on watching Westwood on Friday -- especially in person -- don't stare at him too long. Probably best to wear sunglasses. Sunblock, too. And drink lots of water, just in case.