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An amateur tournament that was 45 years in the making

By Dave Shedloski

By Dave Shedloski

BRADENTON, Fla. -- It's amazing how one small gesture of sportsmanship 45 years ago continues to resonate throughout golf history with ever larger meaning and growing influence. A conceded two-foot putt sure has had a lot of mileage.

To wit, the inaugural Concession Cup, a biennial amateur team competition, begins Thursday at The Concession Club, a private course co-designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin, the protagonists in the aforementioned moment that came on the final hole in the final singles match of the 1969 Ryder Cup at Royal Birkdale. After sinking a five-foot par putt, Nicklaus picked up Jacklin's marker to concede a two-footer to the reigning British Open champion (below), resulting in a halve of their match and the first tie in Ryder Cup history.


"To think we'd be standing here in this club talking about hosting a tournament inspired by something that happened 45 years ago, obviously it was very special what Jack did, and the hope is that it continues to be an influence through this event for years to come," Jacklin said.

"If I hadn't given him that putt, we wouldn't be sitting here," Nicklaus joked before turning serious. "Here we are today getting ready to start a significant event. ... It's good for golf, it's good for amateur golf, and it's good for sportsmanship, camaraderie with the players."

loop-concession-cup-logo-260.jpgThe Concession Cup features 18 amateur players representing the United States against 18 men from Great Britain and Ireland. The teams are comprised of eight mid-amateur players (25 and older), eight seniors (up to age 65) and two super senior competitors (65 and older). The three-day format calls for nine foursomes matches Thursday followed by nine four-ball matches Friday and 18 singles Saturday.

Nicklaus and Jacklin are serving as the honorary captains while the playing captains for the respective sides are Vinny Giles of the U.S., a past winner of the U.S. Amateur and British Amateur, and Garth McGimpsey of Northern Ireland, a former British Amateur champion.

The U.S. team features 10 former Walker Cup players, including super senior Jim Holtgrieve, captain of the winning U.S. side at last year's Walker Cup. Mid-amateurs Nathan Smith and Todd White played for Holtgrieve on that squad. The GB&I roster has five former Walker Cuppers.

The event intends to be played in Great Britain or Ireland in 2016 at a site to be determined.

"The idea of representing your country just really resonates, and that's a message I keep hearing, especially from the younger mid amateurs is how proud they are," Giles said. "We have a young man who actually just won the Coleman [Invitational at Seminole G.C.] on Saturday named Patrick Christovich from New Orleans … he said, 'Well, I was hoping some day I might be able to represent my country, but I never thought I'd be on a team where Jack Nicklaus was the captain.' "

"I think this event has all the ingredients to be something special," said former U.S. Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger, a member at The Concession Club and the honorary chairman for the inaugural Concession Cup. "When you have two iconic honorary captains like Jack and Tony, that's huge."

That the Concession Cup commemorates the extraordinary events that unfolded decades ago was not lost on the competitors. "I think we're all aware of the tradition and the history that we're buying into here, and we're going to play it in a friendly but competitive spirit," McGimpsey said.

James Bunch
Matthew Clark
Robbie Cannon
Harry Diamond
Eoghan O’Connell
Edward Richardson
Ben Westgate
Martin Young

Garth McGimpsey (Playing Captain)
Ian Brotherston
Maurise Kelly
Adrian Morrow
Arthur Pierse
Andrew Stracey
Richard Latham
Richard Partridge

Super Senior
Peter Hedges
Ian Hutcheon


Patrick Christovich
Gene Elliott
Scott Harvey
Tim Jackson
Trip Kuehne
Mike McCoy
Nathan Smith
Todd White

Vinny Giles (Playing Captain)
John Grace
Doug Hanzel
Chip Lutz
Pat Tallent
Paul Simson
Martin West III
George Zahringer

Super seniors
Jim Holtgrieve
Robert Lewis

Photo: AP Images