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Golf style

A little Hollywood cool from J.Lindeberg

By Marty Hackel

By Marty Hackel

If we were going to dress Robert Downey Jr. for a movie where he portrays a golfer, this outfit from the J.Lindeberg spring Laser collection is where we would start.

The line, which features a polo shirt ($125), sweater ($220), trousers ($160), jacket ($350) and cap ($34), offers a modern, versatile approach to on- and off-course golf fashion. All five pieces have laser detailing and matte-black logos for a clean, refined look. Each piece also incorporates spandex to provide a functional, athletic fit.

loop-style-jlindeberg-518.jpgOf particular note are the Jaiden jacket and the Bill trousers (shown). The former is made of a super-stretch waterproof material that is also breathable. The latter is water-repellant, making it perfect when the weather looks dicey.

Now, can someone get Robert Downey Jr. on the phone?