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Kaenon offers its own form of eye candy for 2014

By Stephen Hennessey

All golfers should pay more attention to protecting their eyes on the course. Polarized lenses help reduce glare created from water in hazards or sand in bunkers. One brand to consider this season is Kaenon, which has three new models for 2014.


The Shilo (above), Ozlo (below) and Pintail (bottom) are built with the company's SR-91 lenses, which include a polarizing film that helps eliminate distortions.

Blog-Kaenon-2Ozlo.jpgThe lenses also include an anti-scratch hard coating. A 2006 study by the University of Utah found that more than half of the 52 club pros tested had eye disease from ultraviolet radiation.

Blog-Kaenon-Pintail.jpgEye protection from the sun should be as important as skin care for golfers. Kaenon's glasses (starting at $209) are worn by the PGA Tour's Kevin Stadler, Pat Perez, Carl Pettersson and Brian Gay and the LPGA Tour's Belen Mozo and Sophie Gustafson. For more information: