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It turns out, Siri is a golfer

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

If you have an iPhone, you probably know Siri.

If you're a golfer with an iPhone, you'll be interested to know that Siri plays golf. I found this out when I was looking for a nearby golf store, and she took it upon herself to describe her latest round. Henny is presumably for the late Borscht Belt great Henny Youngman, but I like to think she's referring to Mr. Stenson.

She doesn't seem to play anymore, though. Must have something to do with that last round of hers.

I even asked about her favorite golfer, but then she got all non-committal and changed the subject.

But at least golf captured her interest at one point. That's more than can be said about some of the other major sports.

Well, Siri, when you do make it back onto the course, maybe we'll get a round in.