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FootJoy blends stylish design with modern technology in FJ City shoes

In a day where golf shoes are looking more like something LeBron James or Usain Bolt might wear on the hardwood or the track, FootJoy's new FJ City shoe returns to a style Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan and Payne Stewart might have been comfortable wearing.

Blog-FootJoy-FJCity-shoes.jpgAlthough the City offers classic looks and laces that match sole accent colors, its features are anything but old. An EVA-cushioned midsole buffers a rubber outsole that uses a mix of traction channels, lugs and seven Softspikes cleats.

Despite a more structured style with full-grain waterproof leather uppers, the City ($190, available in April) isn't too heavy--it weighs about the same as the more athletic FootJoy D.N.A., and almost 20 percent less than the more traditional FJ Icon. It's available in six styles, including three wingtip patterns and three plain-toe blucher models.