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If Jimmy Walker is golf's new fearless leader, he needs a propoganda poster. Here are 6 suggestions

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Pundits are starting to ask -- quite rightly so --  if this is the Jimmy Walker era of golf. He is, after all, one of just four golfers in the last 20 years to win three of his season's first eight starts. But it occurred to me that if we are entering the Jimmy Walker era of golf, the industry is woefully unprepared. Especially considering that he's in contention again this week at the Northern Trust Open.

Thanks to Alex Myers, Walker already has a theme song and a new name, "Jimmy The Great," so now is probably a good time to get moving on an adulation picture. This photo below looks very leaderish, so let's start there.

Not leaderish enough, though. China is good at this kind of stuff, so maybe we should follow its lead.

North Koreans are the masters at propaganda. Maybe this one has potential.

On second thought, both of those are too oppressive. "Jimmy The Great" calls for something more encouraging. Like this:

Or this:

Continuing on the British theme, here's one of Jimmy looking rather dignified next to Kate Middleton.

And here's one with a slightly more corporate angle, courtesy of Golf Digest Senior Producer Liz Bergren.

Feel free to send along suggestions. In the meantime: All Hail Jimmy The Great!