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Bobby Jones targets women's market with Rouge driver/fairway wood line

By Keely Levins

There are two challenges female golfers frequently face, says Jesse Ortiz, club designer for Bobby Jones: getting the ball to launch higher and squaring the clubface at impact. Ortiz tried to address these when he designed the Bobby Jones Rouge series for women.

The set consists of a 14-degree driver ($250) and five fairway woods ($180 each) that vary in loft from 18 to 38 degrees. The woods have thin, maraging-steel faces to improve ball speed and reduce spin, and the hosel is slightly offset to promote better ball-striking.

bobby-jones-rouge-3W-400.jpgFrom the sole, the clubhead looks a little like a hybrid placed into the head of a fairway wood. The center of gravity is positioned low and deep. This helps the clubs have the functionality of a hybrid with the forgiveness of a fairway wood.

The clubs will be available starting March 1.