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This week in weird golf news: Did an Arizona man murder his ex-wife with a 7-wood?

By Alex Myers

Steven DeMocker, who was convicted of first-degree murder in October, was denied a retrial earlier this week in Prescott, Ariz, according to the Associated Press. DeMocker was previously found guilty of murdering his ex-wife, Carol Kennedy, in 2008.

A 7-wood is believed to be the murder weapon in the bludgeoning, although it was never found. Experts examining the victim's skull "testified during the trial that the breaks were similar in shape to a golf club." DeMocker handed a headcover over to authorities, which was used as evidence, along with the fact that he'd stashed money and clothes on a golf course near his home.

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DeMocker, 60, is believed to have killed Kennedy while she was out running in the woods behind her home and then to have placed the body inside her home to make it look accidental in order to collect on her life insurance policy. Footprints and bike tracks helped convict DeMocker in the absence of an eyewitness, with DNA tying him to the scene and the supposed murder weapon.

DeMocker, who has been jailed for more than five years, will be back in court Jan. 24 for sentencing.


July 28, 2014

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