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Louis Oosthuizen won the Volvo Golf Champions, then lots of random things happened

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Louis Oosthuizen successfully defended the European Tour's Volvo Golf Champions tournament on Sunday, finishing birdie-birdie to capture his first win since this time last year. It was all rather exciting (you can check out highlights of the final round here).

Apparently everyone else was excited, too. First, tournament officials presented Oosthuizen with a trophy shaped like a feather. A little strange, but nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

But then they made poor Oosthuizen pose with it in front of a big truck, which he didn't look too thrilled about.

141201-truck-480.pngHis spirits weren't down for long, because a few moments later he jumped out of a tractor, which cheered him right up.

There was a point where he took a picture with a bunch of volunteers waving "no photos" signs, clearly defying their orders.

And then this happened.

That guy down in front doesn't look very impressed.

But anyway, we have a new winner: Congratulations, Volvo Golf Champions! Move over, HSBC Champions.

Actually, no. That one's still the best.