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IonLoop watches pull double duty

By Marty Hackel

IonTime photo 2.jpgYou won't find any testimonials from doctors, but you will find a number of people who swear by negative ion technology. Ion bracelets have become a staple on the course, their touted benefit being the negative ions the emit help counter balance the positive ions in our everyday life that are cause for concern (cell phones, for example). Yet from a fashion standpoint wearing multiple wrist accessories is not very appealing to some golfers.

IonTime photo a1.jpgThanks to the folks at IonLoop, the Carrolton, Texas-based company, now you can buy a watch that also doubles as your ion bracelet. These Ion<Time sport watches ($85) are backed with IonLoops negative ion magnets, come in four different colors (black, navy, orange and green), and are durable and waterproof; perfect for any athlete and especially golfers.