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Help us caption this strangely fascinating photo

By Sam Weinman

Photo by Geof Kern

What exactly is happening in this photo? Is he trying to chip into that vase? If so, is a wedge really the right play?

We can't make sense of it, which is why we're enlisting your help for creative captions. Some early suggestions:

"This is the worst hole in the house. Who puts a fireplace there?!"

"Hey, Muffin, before I hit this shot: Do these pants make my ass look fat?"

"Waiting for your girlfriend's father: 'If this one goes in, I'm gonna ask to marry her. If I miss, one scotch and I'm gone.'"

"Could someone please tend the flower?"

Surely, you can do better. Leave your caption below, and the best of the bunch might be featured down the road.


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