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In Your Opinion: Dufner's "butt-squeeze" was the best viral moment of 2013

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Dufnering? Old news. It's all about the butt squeeze.

That's how our readers overwhelmingly voted in our final "In Your Opinion" question about their favorite viral golf moment of 2013.

In fairness, the 2013 PGA Champ does execute the squeeze with perfect form.

Dufner's infamous butt squeeze collected almost 57 percent of the vote, about 35 percent more than Dufnering, which finished in second place. "Anything Miguel Angel Jimenez does" came in third place with almost 15 percent of the vote, while Sammy The Squirrel rounded out the group with just 6 percent.

Well, this is where we usually tell you about the next vote we're slated to have, but this was the last one, so that's it! We'll have a complete round-up at some point, but until then, thanks for participating!