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Git Movin': A golf-cart GPS to beat slow play

By Max Adler

beverly-hillbillies.jpgYour golf cart at Tennessee's River Islands Golf Club might appear to be a standard gas model. However, inside each ignition is a GPS, made by DSG Tag Systems, that course owner Dan Feehan has employed to combat slow play. Feehan is using the system to identify the spots on his Arthur Hills-designed layout where golfers lose the most balls, then training rangers to focus on those areas. He's also tracking golfers' progress on his smartphone and dispatching rangers to areas with bottlenecks. Starting next month, Feehan is rolling out a program in which golfers earn credit in the golf shop or grillroom for rounds played under 4.5 hours. He imagines each timely round will be worth about $5.

"I'm not afraid to make someone pick up and skip a hole," Feehan says. "I'll sacrifice one group's experience for the sake of everyone else's. I am that passionate about pace of play."

[Photo: Everett Collection]

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