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Day 4 at the PGA Championship, as told by GIFs

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

This may be stating the obvious, but it's not easy playing with Tiger Woods. Aside from the looming fear that his driver may be coming to get you at any moment, the pressure of impressing the best player in the world and all the extra attention that goes along with it is tough to handle. On whole, Brooks Koepka did pretty well. That is, apart from this chip on the fifth hole which led to a double bogey. Just stop rolling already!

blog-chip-water-480.gifThere was exactly one hole-in-one at the 2013 PGA Championship and it came on the 11th hole at the hands of Tim Clark, who finished third the last time the PGA was at Oak Hill. Not sure what's better, the fact that the ball went into the hole, or the gingerly manner his playing partner, Miguel Angel Jimenez, decided to come congratulate him. Incidentally, it was actually Jimenez who benefited the most from the ace. He went on a five birdie tear starting on the next hole. 

Jason Dufner making birdies. Henrik Stenson mounting a charge. Jason Day and Scott Piercy taking it deep. It all got a little overwhelming at one point, so it was probably a good move to cut away from the action to show this man sitting on a ladder. In fairness, he is putting his fellow spectators to shame.

On a side note, is there any golfer, man or women, who produces more powerful divots than Henrik Stenson? The man just annihilates the ground with every club he hits. The Swede finished alone in third place at seven under. 

I miss the days when we only had to listen to someone shout "get in the hole" after every. Single. Shot. Some of the shouting got so bad on Sunday that Jim Furyk, who finished alone in second at eight under, took issue with it on the 16th tee. And he wasn't the only one: Ian Poulter used his Twitter account to go on quite the rampage against the shouters, saying he wanted them "tazed."

Jason Dufner squeezes wife's butt, wins the PGA Championship. That's the headline and I'm sticking to it. Guilty of ruining a perfectly nice moment between man and wife? Perhaps (it wouldn't be the only time this week). But you've got to admit: His technique was flawless.