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Can't stand the yelling fans? Here's your chance to offer a solution

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

There's no denying that Ian Poulter is a master at finding the spotlight regardless of how he played. Largely irrelevant after the first round at the British Open, he made headlines when openly criticized the course setup. This time around, his target wasn't tournament officials, but rather the yelling fans who made their presence known at Oak Hill.

And he may be on to something.

Some of the post-shot yelling, which included phrases like "mashed potatoes," " Chewbacca" and "Baba booey," got so bad on Sunday that at one point it actually interfered with Jim Furyk's golf swing at a time when he was still vying for the lead.

Poulter wants fans to write-in to the PGA Tour with their suggestion over how to stop the yelling, while on ESPN radio Monday morning, talk-show hosts Mike and Mike agreed that yelling fans should be immediately escorted out of the grounds.
Have you got a solution? Let us hear.