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Move over, hovercraft: Mercedes releases high tech golf cart to rival all others

By Keely Levins

If carrying your bag, having a caddie, using a push-cart, taking a gas cart, taking an electric cart, or using Bubba's hover-cart doesn't work for you, Mercedes just might have the answer.

With help from submissions from the golfing public, Mercedes released their design for a new cart during the British Open, which is not yet in production. Coupling the future "Vision Golf Cart" owner's needs with their own "Sensual Purity" philosophy, Mercedes got rid of the standard clunky steering wheel and replaced it with a joystick that sits between the driver and passenger seats -- so there's no more awkward arguments about who gets to drive.

And while the debate about whether or not cell phones should be allowed on golf courses continues, Mercedes has taken its stand by including a docking station for iPhones (or iPads) in the cart. All of the cart's gadgets -- the touch-screen operated sound system, the heated seats, the air vents, the button you can push that yells "FORE" -- are powered by its battery, which is charged by solar panels on top of the cart, making your carbon footprint smaller than the spike marks left on the green.

But if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Mercedes' message to Oakley, the creator of Bubba Watson's golf hovercraft, is clear:

Game on.