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11 People You'll See At Every Golf Tournament

By Derek Evers

max-adler-neck-300-thumb-300x399-101083.jpgIn the world of blogging, listicles are worth their weight in SEO-gold, which is why it can be easy to pass most of them off with nothing more than an eye roll. Then again, sometimes they get it oh-so-right.

BuzzFeed, the world's preeminent list maker -- and butt of more than a few Onion jokes -- can turn just about any event into an odd-numbered countdown, even the U.S. Open. In fact, when we first saw this list of The 11 Kinds Of People You'll Meet At Every Golf Tournament, our reaction wasn't disbelief, but a general interest in how many we witnessed this year at Merion.

From the guys who yell, sometimes obnoxiously, after every tee shot, to the perfectly dressed fans, we've seen them all. Unfortunately, sometimes we even become them. Like the guy who gets rocked by a stray shot.

Sorry, Max.