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Don't fear the rain with Gorilla Gold

By Jeff Patterson

gorilla-towel.jpgAdmittedly, I've gone ape over Gorilla Gold, a $5 towel that adds tackiness to your grips. At the national golf writers' tournament, it poured so hard that by the second tee, my rain gloves were too saturated to be effective. In desperation, I dug into my bag for this USGA-approved towel. It's coated with a nontoxic sticky substance -- like pine tar but without the mess, as the company says. Just rub it on your grips and gloves as needed.

The three-pars, one-birdie start at Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club had me in contention, and I could swing as if it were a regular day. Though the tournament director called play, I kept going. Unlike everyone else, I could still hold onto a club. No question, this accessory is better than an umbrella.