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Buy This, Rather Than That: Navigating the Masters merchandise tent

By Ashley Mayo

If you're lucky enough to score a ticket to the Masters, you're expected to load up on enough schwag to pass around to friends, family and, most importantly, golf cronies. While there are plenty of options in the Masters merchandise tent, some products make more sense than others. For instance:

merch_peter_millar_460.jpgBuy This: Peter Millar's Masters-themed line of collared shirts, sweater vests, pullovers and button-downs ($85-225) have subtle Augusta-inspired details that'll make any guy stand taller with confidence. Rather Than That: A Masters T-shirt. I don't care how much less expensive it is. A T-shirt just doesn't do the Masters any justice.

merch_caps_460.jpgBuy This: A vintage-style Masters cap ($24). This tournament is all about celebrating history, so a line of old-school baseball caps is beyond appropriate. Rather Than That: A standard Masters cap. Haven't we all seen those before?

merch_pencil_460.jpgBuy This: A Lee Wybranski pencil sketch of Augusta ($95). It's an amazing deal, and these limited-edition prints will become more valuable with time. Rather Than That: A photo of Augusta. We've all seen plenty of photos of Augusta.

merch_clip_460.jpg Buy This: A Masters money clip ($60). It's elegant, and it's something you (or your buddy) will use every day. Rather Than That: A Masters wallet, which is louder and more in-your-face than the clip. No thanks.

merch_iphone_460.jpgBuy This: A Masters iPhone case ($25). Again, this is something your friend will use and see every day. Rather Than That: A $12 faux-leather badge holder. You're eventually going to throw it in your pile of I-never-use-that-but-can't-throw-it-away souvenirs.

merch_ball_marker_460.jpgBuy This: A four-pack of Masters ball markers ($10). It's the perfect gift to hand out to golf partners who you don't know that well. Rather Than That: A more expensive ($9) Masters ball marker. When you lose it, which you will, you'll only get upset. And if you hand it out as a gift, nobody will appreciate that you paid nine bucks for it.

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