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Big In Japan: Uniqlo hit the jackpot when it signed Adam Scott

By Marty Hackel

adam-scott-uniqlo-masters.jpgThrilling as Adam Scott's victory was in his native Australia, there were some very happy golf fans in Japan, too. Just days before the Masters, Tokyo-based retail giant Uniqlo (you-NEE-klo) signed on as one of Scott's sponsors. Scott wore the company's shirts, pants, belts and logo all week. Even his underwear was Uniqlo! The company produces its clothing and sells it exclusively at reasonable prices.

You can wear Uniqlo designs all the time -- on and off course -- so to me that's additional value. I've shopped at Uniqlo's spacious store in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, and the clothing is modern and very stylish. The company, with 1,200 stores worldwide, will open its seventh U.S. store, in New York, April 19. You can also shop online at