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Inside Golf World Podcast: Profiling the man behind Bandon Dunes, Mike Keiser

inside-golf-world-podcast-keiser.jpgBy Ryan Herrington

Traveling to Oregon's Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is a trip that is on nearly every golfer's bucket list.

The man behind the land is Mike Keiser, a 67-year-old businessman who made his money in greeting cards, and then rose to prominence in the golf-course-development business after unearthing 1,200 acres of scrubby land along the Pacific Coast.

For Golf World's Architecture Issue, Jeff Silverman authors a profile on Keiser in the March 18th issue of the magazine that attempts to identify what influenced his golf mind and eventually propelled him toward creating an oasis in Bandon, Ore.

Silverman is the featured guest on this week's Inside Golf World Podcast, where he shares what it was like to hang out with the approachable Bandon boss, and tries to measure the impact Keiser has had on course development in the last decade as well as for years to come.

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(Photo by Dom Furore)
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