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Ping with its own "Anser" for the adjustable driver game

One of the few remaining major holdouts has jumped into the adjustable driver game this week. Ping, which has utilized an adjustable fitting system with interchangeable heads and shafts since 2008, unveiled its first ready-to-purchase adjustable driver this week at both events on the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The new Ping Anser driver is designed to offer more precise fitting options that focus on dialing in the proper loft. The driver comes in four standard lofts (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees), but each is adjustable by one-half degree in either direction. The black matte finish head is 460 cubic centimeters, and is expected to hit golf shops by mid-August. The club was added to the U.S. Golf Association's list of conforming driver heads this week.  

To illustrate how important these apparently subtle tweaks are, Ping engineers recently conducted an experiment, customizing the driver fit of 100 average golfers from a standard 10.5 loft. As a group, the average gain in distance from the subtle tweak was 11 yards, but some players gained as much as 35. 

Ping also introduced tour players to its updated Tour wedge this week. The new design will feature a more precise  "Gorge" groove parttern that is precision milled at Ping's Phoenix plant. Higher lofts in the new series will now feature three sole designs to better match swing types and turf conditions.

--Mike Stachura
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