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Fitness Friday: A new workout for golfers

Every week my colleague Ron Kaspriske, Golf Digest Fitness Editor, presents Fitness Friday on the Instruction Blog. This week he speaks with Sean Foley, who coaches Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan and, of course, Tiger Woods. So much of a good golf swing is about footwork and balance, says Foley. Look for Weekend Tip tomorrow, and remember to follow me on Twitter: @RogerSchiffman.

Roger Schiffman
Managing Editor
Golf Digest

Here's Ron: Since I debuted my original 20-in-20 workout last May (see below for the original beginner and advanced versions), many of you have asked for an even more advanced version.
Well the time has come, and over the next five weeks I'll roll out two exercises per week until you have the complete new 20-in-20 workout. In addition, I will also give you four bonus exercises you can supplement to add some spice to your routine. I compiled this workout after several conversations with top fitness experts, including Ben Shear, Kai Fusser, Randy Myers, Craig Davies, Chris Noss, Greg Rose, Ralph Simpson, Mark Verstegen, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook and Alwyn Cosgrove.
These exercises are designed to improve your golf swing by training all the major muscles involved. They also will help prevent injuries when you play by eliminating asymmetries in your muscle development. They will improve your strength, flexibility and also help you lose weight.
Not familiar with the 20-in-20? In short, it was borne out of the idea that you don't need to spend an hour or more in the gym to get a good workout. Rather than spend 30 minutes on a treadmill and then go lift weights, you can combine your strength training and cardio training into one speed circuit. You'll be doing two sets of 10 different exercises in 20 minutes. You can take short breaks between sets, but the clock is ticking.
Studies have proven that strength training is more effective than steady-state cardio in raising metabolism and burning calories. And studies also have shown that the majority of people stop working out within two months of starting simply because they burn out from spending too much time in the gym.
Now you don't have to. So if you're ready for a great golf workout, click on the video below to watch me introduce the new 20-in-20 and give you the first two exercises. Until you have the full circuit, you can implement these into the advanced version of the 20-in-20 from last year. That workout, as well as the original beginner version, is listed below.
Ron Kaspriske
Fitness Editor
Golf Digest


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Standard push-up (15 reps)
-- Dumbbell sumo squat (12 reps)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Plank (45-60 seconds)
-- Alternate-arm dumbbell hammer curls (12 reps)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Alternate-leg dumbbell back lunge (12 reps)
-- Alternate-arm dumbbell bench on physio ball (10 reps per arm)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Platform jumps (12 reps)
-- Physio ball Y's T's W's (3 reps, each letter)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Physio ball Russian Twists (10 reps each side)
-- World's Greatest Stretch (20 second stretch, then 8 reps)

Not sure how to do an exercise? All of these can be found in previous Fitness Friday items.


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Med-ball push-up on one leg (15 reps)
-- Goblet squats (12 reps)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Physio ball plank (60 seconds)
-- Dumbell Russian Twist on physio ball (12 reps, each side)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Med-ball wall throws (15 reps, one side)
-- One-legged lateral jumps with dumbbells (10 jumps, each direction)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Dumbbell Turkish sit-up (10 reps, one arm)
-- Speed planks (10 reps)


(2 sets, alternate exercises)
-- Crossover drop lunges with dumbbell curls (12 reps)
-- World's Greatest Stretch (20 seconds, then 8 reps)


July 28, 2014

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